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Why Women?

Why a community of women? That is a question that I’ve been asked several times. We love a good coed community, but sometimes we need to be in the midst of our sisters. The main reason why this community is for women is because God said, “Create a community for women.” I never questioned why which is odd because I generally ask why about everything. With this however, it’s like I instinctively understood why God wanted a community of women.

One reason is so that we can focus. Our mindsets change when we are amongst each other. Being in a community with women offers support. Our sisters, mothers, and friends offer us the type of support that we can only get from other women. We support each other in our relationships, with raising our kids, and support is there when one of us is dealing with heath issues. Most importantly though, we help each other be accountable in our faith walk with The Most High. A group with sisters in Christ helps its members focus of God. When we take men out of the equation something amazing happens.

In a women’s ministry distractions that the opposite sex provide are gone. If you haven’t figured it out by now, men think differently. Many of you attend churches with men at the helm. That is fine, but sometimes male pastors don’t speak with women in mind. Because men think differently than we do sometimes we need to lean on our sisters for help, understanding, and guidance.

A community solely for women is an exceptional one. A community of women on fire for God is a powerful one! If you know all that you hold as a woman then you are powerful in your own right. Imagine what happens when you bring your power to ignite others while simultaneously their power sets you off. Whoa! Women are carriers. Women are birthers. Women are nurturers. Every woman matters and has something to offer. A group of multi generationally sound women are necessary in these times.

Women are carriers

Women are built to carry. Yes, we carry babies, but we carry so much more. We carry our families. We carry secrets, hurts, and pains of others. Sometimes it seems that we carry the weight of the world. We carry responsibilities that in many cases we were never meant to carry. We carry these things graciously and gracefully. We are a loyal bunch that carry most things until it’s time to give birth to that thing.

Women are birthers

Giving birth is often depicted as a traumatic experience. When we see childbirth on television we see the visible pain on the face of the expecting mother. Personally, I’ll just say that it was an experience unlike any other. Before we give birth we carry our precious ones full term. We have prepared for this because we carried so many things to the point of birth. We work our hardest to not release things early or give birth prematurely. Women birth babies, dreams, assignments, and ideas. Women empower other women to give birth. Only your sister in Christ knows what it is to give birth and that’s why connecting with other women is so important. Godly women help each other PUSH! We pray until something happens. Midwives are a great example of women assisting women in the birthing process. It is such a beautiful thing to be a part of and to witness the birth of something your sister has been carrying.

Women Nurture

For everything that has been birthed it must be nurtured. Whatever we give birth to we must expend time nurturing it to function on it’s on. Nurturing comes to most women naturally as they recall having been nurtured. Yet, for some women nurturing is not always instinctive but over time we learn. When we give birth to something we want to see how that baby, business, book, record, or whatever it is - we want to see how it adjusts in the word. We release it when it is ready to go into the word.

Me and you, your momma, and your cousin, too!

In a women’s group a sisterhood usually incudes women of varying ages. That’s perfect because each generation can glean one from another. It’s important to be teachable and allow yourself to learn and get wisdom from an older or younger generation. It’s so important to take the time to pour into a different generation. Whether you need to learn from the younger generation or the older generation it’s important that these transferences of knowledge take place. Every woman is welcome here.

A women’s group amongst your GALS is a place where you can glorify God with Girlfriends and grow spiritually. Your spiritual growth enhances every area of your life. It makes you a better mother, wife, and friend. Please make time to further your relationship with God. It will alleve you of many of the worries of this word. You are welcome to do that here in this community. We are excited about having you here.

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