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We Want You

In our last blog we gave you a bit of insight as to who we are. In today’s blog we want to give you an idea of who this community will best serve. This community is for all women!

Everyone is welcome here. That’s pretty broad, right? Yeah, it’s very broad, but it’s true. Truth is mainly what will be served here as Yahshua is the Truth, the Light, and the Way. He did not discriminate between those who are Believers and those who are not. Neither will we. So, if you are a woman looking for a tribe, Believer, non Believe, babe in Christ, mature Christian, or a self professing general in the faith — We want you here!

We are all God’s daughters and there is much we can glean and learn from each other. Together we can cancel the plans of the enemy. We will thwart out loneliness, unacceptance, rejection, low self esteem, and other issues that plague and rob women of the joy, peace, and love they long to have in their lives.

We want you! We accept you as you are. We want to meet you, the real you.

Come and connect with your GALS!

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