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In this day of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we have lots of followers, friends, and fans. Social media has infiltrated our lives in so many ways. There are so many voices and personalities that we follow.

People often use the term followers. The first time I heard that phrase I was a child and I heard someone declare, “I’m a follower of Christ.” Lots of us still say this. We are followers of Christ. When we consider this statement what are we really saying? I believe we are declaring that we follow the word of God, go to church, and live a Christian lifestyle. Do you agree? Perfect! I think we are clear on the meaning of the phrase.

For this New Year 2022. I am challenging us to be resolute in our commitment to follow God. Let’s go deeper in the things of God. For this New Year we can decide to be firmly planted and grounded in the things that allow us to truly follow God. These things are: studying the word of God, praying, and listening to the still small voice of God.

Let’s become Bible literate. As followers of God we should have knowledge of what His word says. The Bible is God’s word therefore we should familiarize ourselves with the words of the one we follow.

Let’s make prayer a habit. Prayer opens the door to relationship with God. Prayer is our way to commune with God. In prayer we speak God’s word back to Him. When we know God’s word we have a more effective prayer life. Scheduling prayer helps us to become more inclined to pray. This making it a habit.

Listening to the voice of God is imperative. We have so many voices in our ear. Everyone is competing for our attention. Let’s not make God be a part of the competition. If we listen to His voice we can gain clarity about our lives and the things we engage in. It also deepens the relationship between us and God. We often hear people say what their pastor or favorite celebrities said, but we need to know what God is saying. In order for God to order our steps we must listen for His voice. There we get the knowledge and revelations we need to live the lives God created us to live.

These three things combined enable us to truly follow God. Following God does require action on our part. These actions however are for our good. Can we make our New Year resolution to become a true follower of God? Let's follow God more than we do our favorite social media personality and more than we follow our pastors. God's voice is the one that shoud be the loudest in our lives. God provides our daily bread. His is the voice we must follow.

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